Eco bag from puspajute a leading wine eco bag exporter in...

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Eco bag from puspajute a leading wine eco bag exporter in holland


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 About Puspajutebags:
Puspa Jute Bags was established in 1996 for manufacturing Eco Friendly Jute Bag in Kolkata. With over 18 years in the business, we supply Jute, Cotton, Non-Woven bags to many jute bag exporter in India and miscellaneous corporate sectors.Taking pride in our work, we started our export business from 02.08.13.
PuspaJute is a wholesale provider of various kind of jute bags ( shopping jute bags, promotional jute bags etc) worldwide – this allows us to directly manufacture goods to your requirements, making our offering unique in the market.If you wish to order more than just our most popular shopping bag made famous, you have the flexibility to fully customize your jute product.
 What is jute made Wine Bag?
The Company produces various forms of Wine Bags for its international clients. As is obtained from a study of the culture of the clients abroad, various type of Jute and Cotton bags are made, some of which are enumerated as under:
1. Jute Wine Single Bottle Bags: These Wine Bags are made to carry Wine/Jam/pickle and sweets. Thus, these bags used for multiple purposes. These bags can hold two volumes of large Ciders or Beers and much more. These bags are designed with gorgeousness and stoutness.
2. Jute Double Wine Bottle Gift Bag: These products are made from Green Jute, extraordinarily friendly for environment. These are equipped with cord handles. The name of the material used is hessian Jute, one of the best qualities Jute Material. These products can also be used for carrying wine when shopping and is a perfect way for wrapping of wine bottles as gift item.
3. Triple Carrier Bags: These Jute Bottle gift bag in fact, makes a lovely carrier pack for any occasion. These bottles have the provisions for being presented as a personal product. But, normally they are treated as gift item for any party of get together.
Uses and Benefits of Wine Bags:
Virtual concepts of premium natural jute wine bag. Lose rope, cane, cotton web handle with strong stitch edges for comfortable carrying for wine, various drinks, water etc. any liquid glass or pet bottles. These are also ecofriendly products. Generally people are using for Christmas and New Year gifts. It comes in one, two, three and more number of bottles carrier and the separate compartment made to protect the glass bottle for crush protection. These are printed with customer logo as publicity.
Minimum order quantity 2000 pieces
Also you have to see our other varieties Ecofriendly Products.
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Contact Us
Mobile : +91 9874061535 / +91 9836716649
Landline: +91-3325676768
Email: puspajutebags@gmail.com

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Eco bag from puspajute a leading wine eco bag exporter in...

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